Choosing the Best Options for Commercial HVAC in the Denver Area

Choosing the Best Options for Commercial HVAC in the Denver Area

With the ongoing changes in commercial HVAC systems, Denver area building owners are discovering they have multiple options available to meet their heating and cooling needs. While maintaining existing HVAC systems is always important, it’s also critical to understand how new options can reduce heating and cooling costs while, at the same time, enhance indoor air quality.

Commercial Tenants Care About Air Quality

As buildings are tightened to minimize air filtration, indoor air quality tends to suffer. In the past, leaky buildings allowed fresh air to enter easily, which kept air quality at acceptable levels. Now, buildings rarely exchange air, which means contaminants build up, significantly reducing air quality. Today’s HVAC experts in the Denver area understand the issues and work with building owners to find solutions to air quality issues.

Keeping Operating Costs Low

HVAC experts always recommend scheduled maintenance services to ensure systems are functioning as efficiently as possible. Older systems are especially vulnerable to operating issues as they were not particularly efficient even when new. However, even virtually new systems need routine servicing to keep net operating expenses as low as possible. When ROI is considered, keeping abreast of HVAC maintenance is crucial.

Know When Updating is Cost Effective

At some point, every HVAC system will need to be replaced. Industry experts suggest building owners routinely review options for updating systems to properly evaluate the viability of replacing aging equipment. Installing new, energy-efficient systems often provides owners with tax incentives that offset a portion of the actual costs for upgrades. Increased efficiencies also significantly reduce operating costs, which also boosts bottom line figures. Any building with an older system is definitely a candidate for upgrading to newer systems that provide comfort and reduce operating expenses.

Going Green

The importance of going green is becoming increasingly evident, and Colorado building owners are taking note. Tenants are aware of that trend and look for buildings employing energy-saving HVAC systems that also enhance indoor air quality. Investment experts are noting an uptick in tenants renewing leases in buildings regarded as being green or heading in that direction.

If you’re currently considering HVAC maintenance, repairs, or updates for a building, contact a Denver area expert for advice prior to making any decisions. Doing so can easily result in lowered operating costs and improved indoor air quality.

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