How to Choose the Best Wall Mounted Fireplaces

How to Choose the Best Wall Mounted Fireplaces

There’s no feeling that compares to sitting beside a roaring fire after a long day out in the cold. Unfortunately, though, traditional fireplaces aren’t terribly practical for most homeowners. Old chimneys tend to pose a fire hazard, while newer properties don’t even come equipped with chimneys at all, and those that do can still pose a safety hazard.

Homeowners looking for a safe and convenient alternative to traditional fireplaces may want to look into electric fireplace inserts. These provide the same kind of ambiance and warmth as normal fires, without any of the risks and inconvenient upkeep. Read on to find out about how to choose the right wall-mounted fireplace to meet any household’s unique needs.

Ease of Installation

There are several different types of wall mounted fireplace, each of which comes with its own advantages and disadvantages, particularly when it comes to installation. While free-standing models are extremely easy to install, they lack the authentic and impressive appearance of flushed mounted and recessed bracket fireplace inserts. Those who wish to make the most of their investments should consider hiring a professional to perform the installation in the event that they choose one of these two more authentic looking options.

Quality of Heat Source

Most wall-mounted electric fireplaces offer a diverse array of heat settings intended to provide homeowners and their families with optimal comfort. Keep in mind that heat delivery vents may be located either at the top of the unit or at the bottom, though, and try to give some consideration to what objects will be kept in direct proximity to the fireplace before choosing a model. Consider the placement of things like televisions, furniture, and plants when deciding whether to purchase an electric fireplace that vents from the top or one that vents from the bottom.

The Cost

Cost varies widely on how big the unit is, what materials were used to construct it, how realistic it is, and how powerful its heating unit is. There are plenty of models available to meet just about any budget, but keep in mind that consumers tend to get what they pay for.

Read Some Reviews

Check out some reviews of the Best Wall Mounted Fireplaces available this year prior to making a final decision. This will help to ensure that consumers know exactly what they will be getting for their investments.

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