Why not learn more about Tags?

Why not learn more about Tags?

Custom Made Name Tag Ideas

When planning for an event, you should ensure you factor in name tags. It is part and parcel of event planning and management, one that allows for easier interaction among the invited guests. It is easier for people to talk when they are on a first name basis. The kind of name tags you have made for the event matters. You can therefore pay attention to certain criteria to make sure they come out right.

It should not be a struggle to put on the name tags. They should for instance not involve having to poke holes in the wearer’s clothes through pins. You should consider getting lanyards, clips, and magnetic ones.

The things written on them should not be a struggle to reaf. Do not go with complicated fonts, or poor character spacing. You should easily read them at a distance. The font size should also be chosen well. It is not a good picture having to squint just to read someone’s name.

The face of the tag need not have too much information. The space provided there does not allow for such mistakes. You only need to put a person’s two names, and maybe their organization.

Go as far as putting their social media handle. You need to in this modern world. People can then follow them and not have you ask them to spell out their handles.

You cannot afford to have spelling mistakes on the name tag. You can get the correct names when you have the guests write them out on the RSVP cards. Misspelling a person’s name is the fastest way to offend them.

The theme of the tags should match your branding. You can include the company logo or its colors on it.
The name tag should be adjustable. This is how you ensure different people are comfortable wearing the tags you have prepared.

There may also come guests who you had not initially invited, and you will thus have to get the means to print their tags at the event. You cannot afford to have an event where some people are walking around with name tags that were handwritten in a hurry.
The back face of the name tag can also come in handy, where you include the schedule of activities of the event on it. This shall serve as a quick reference point for your guests, to help them stay organized throughout.

You need to also use quality materials in the making of the tags. Thin paper ones shall not last that long. Those shall get dirty, bend and spoil easily. The best ones are made of vinyl or plastic. Those will last longer.

You can opt for custom made name tags. Having them made just as you wish is the best way to end up with what you need.

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